I Am A Sexy Human Being
Just another fitspo. I've had a lot of problem with my health and body so i decided to take matters in my hands and give being healthy and fit a shot. It is probably the best decision I've ever taken. I used to be 175 lbs (about 80 kg)
Now i'm 125 lbs
My goal is 118 lbs (50 kg)
Starving yourself, hating your body and crying over it does not make you ugly or dramatic, it makes you human. Food is not the enemy and you are not worthless. It might be hard to accept, but it is okay to eat and if people tell you else... than they can shove it!

[If you ever need anybody to talk to, or you want some advise or just a person who will listen, I'm always here.]

ASK :) //
"You are only twice the length
of the middle of your body
to either end, but somehow
I can see you in the fires
spreading through the dry grass
and the tsunamis swallowing
entire cities. You are not a person,
you are potential, you are purpose, you are the power to wipe out a nation."

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